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Houston Telephone Answering Service
24 Hour Live Answering Services in Houston, Texas

The Houston Answering Service Pros team has been providing the best, most reliable and professional answering services in Houston for the last 20 years. Small and large businesses alike have been realizing the money-saving, and profit increasing benefits of suite of answering services in Houston since our team started providing service to the area over two decades ago.

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What to look for when evaluating an Answering Service in Houston
  • The Best People – Look for an answering service company that knows how to recruit, train and keep the best people in the U.S., like Houston Answering Service Pros.
  • The Latest in Answering Service Technology – In the highly competitive answering service business it is imperative to invest in the latest and greatest in answering service technology, like Houston Answering Service Pros has been doing.
  • Quality Assurance Houston Answering Service Pros is in a state of constant improvement, measuring the success of each team member and the team as a whole, using performance methods and measurements such as call monitoring, ring time measurements, secret callers, which all result in the highest possible overall customer satisfaction.
Basic Houston Answering Service Pros package comes with:
  • 24x7 Live Call Answering with Call Screening followed by Call Patching and Forwarding.
  • Custom Answer Greeting – Our team will answer your company phone calls in your business name. Example: “Thank you for calling the ABC Houston Physician Association, how may I help you?”
  • 24 Hour Message Dispatch – Your business messages will be sent to you every morning or evening in a batch report as fax or email.
Other Answering Services available:
  • Immediate Message Dispatch Houston Answering Service Pros sends your messages immediately to you with your method of choice: Text/SMS, Pager, Fax, Email, or Voicemail.
  • Sales /Order Taking/Order Processing Services– We can handle up-selling and cross-selling your customers. Allow our team to increase your sales. Your business will get the highest possible benefit out of every last phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Appointment Setting/Scheduling – We will set appointments for you so you can focus on your primary business, just show up to do the work and make money the way you know how.
  • One Ring Answer – The Houston Answering Service Pros live operators can answer your business phone calls on the first ring.